• MS blank conveying machine

    CFM can supply convey machine and automatic feeding machine, and can specially design according to workshop and forgings. Standard design all kinds of convey machine, controlling wind cooling convey machine for waste heating normalizing;

  • YC Hydraulic Piling Hammers

    CFM hydraulic pile hammer is the result of the hydraulic hammer designing, using and manufacturing experience for more than ten years. It is with simple design and fine design, and the striking energy can be adjustable according to foundation condition and pile depth. Pile in the same foundation condition can be program group pile copied by the trailing pile.

  • MP Hot Die Forging Mechanical Press

    The press is a precision forging equipment mainly for implement hot forging process such as open die-forging, closed die-forging and extruding. Forging parts is widely used in the area of auto, construction machinery, and Bearings.

  • T58 Link Walking Beam

    This walking beam is main used for transferring on press with multi-stations, and is essential automatic device for big cold forging press and hot die forging press.

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