Cost Efficiency in Cold Forging
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Cost optimization in cold forging starts with the raw material. This one can be directly purchased, if necessary, with an included annealing and a peeling, which makes the slugs ready for the process. Since the number of raw materials for cold forging is limited, they are consequently more expensive. To minimize manufacturing cost, cold heading wire is preferred for small pieces.

To obtain best cost efficiency the manufacturing process itself should be managed with an excellent know-how of all involved tools and techniques. For example, large batches of cold extruded components are manufactured on high speed mechanical presses, but complex parts and small series rather on hydraulic presses.

An efficient lubrication system is of critical importance for the successful application of any cold forged part. All workpieces should undergo a zinc-phosphate or polymer coating. Additional lubrication with special forging oil is required on the multi-station presses. A good lubrication system guarantees the high-quality of the final piece and eliminates additional costs for eventual failures during the process.

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