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China Forging Machinery Co.,Ltd. ( abbreviated as CFM ) is the holding subsidiary of Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology (abbreviated as BRIMET, the state-owned enterprises group of science and technology). CFM is located in National Haian Economic-technical Developing Area, which is in the north of Yangtze Delta Area, at the cross point of China eastern and Jiangsu northern high speed rail along the sea and high expressway. CFM passed ISO9001 and CE.

CFM occupies 56,000 sqm, with nearly 20,000 sqm modern full steel frame workshop for first phase project, crane capacity as 120 ton and lifting height as 14 meters for assembly workshop. Its machining workshop is with max. parts machining up to 4X12 meters, and many big CNC and digital display metal cutting machines.

CFM has one Production Research Institute and one Plant for Forging Machines Application and Process Trailing.

CFM main business includes forging machinery, fabricating machinery and piling machinery.

Forging machinery: CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer, high energy clutch-operated screw press, electric screw press, hot die forging mechanical press, automatic forging roll and cross wedge roll, auxiliary forging machines and automatic forging lines, forging technology and die development.

Fabricating machinery: servo high speed press, hydraulic press, rolling machine for ship, upper roller universal rolling machines, horizontal lower adjusting rolling machine, four roller rolling machine, rolling machines for auto, leveler and automatic sheet metal forming lines.

Piling machinery: derivative from CNC forging hammers, includes off-shore hydraulic piling hammer, on-shore hydraulic piling hammer and hydraulic rapid impact compaction. CFM is professional on making CNC fully hydraulic technology applied in piling and impacting foundation construction machines.

Green intelligent forging machines, forging manipulator, forging lines developed by CFM enjoined high reputation, some products also were exported to USA, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Burma, Syria, Vietnam and so on.

CFM will try its best to use all social resources to build the state-level and international competitive industrial base, which engages in the green intelligent forging machinery, fabricating machinery and piling machinery.

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