BRIMET held market development seminar
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To maintain the lasting competitiveness and the sustainable development ability of the main business, establish the future development direction of the main business , discuss the operation mechanism which was suitable for business development and ensure that the annual business indicators successfully completed, the Marketing organized and schemed a market business development seminar separately about three department centers of heat treatment center, forging and vacuum centers according to the instructions of the leadership of the BRIMET.

The conference mainly focused on the current market situation of heat treatment, forging and vacuum three center business, analysing the problems faced, streamlining the bottleneck constraints on business growth and did some research on development way, management model and organizational structure of relative business. At last, we formed observations and recommendations which were available for decision and reference. This meeting provided the guidance in market business development for the three department of BRIMET.

The participants are Liang Fengshou director, Xie Huasheng secretary, the deputy directors of Xu Yueming and Li Yajun, the principal of the Advisory Committee and the Functions Department, the center director and partly key staffs of the heat treatment center, forging center and vacuum center in BRIMET.

Through the discussion, we believed that it is very necessary to hold the special seminar in our main areas of expertise of market development and business development and hoping to be able to convene such meetings at different levels timely. The meeting clearly indicated the future development trend of market function, pointed out that technical innovation, equipment updates, talent introduction and precise knowledge of the market were very necessary to open up the market on the next step; We unified ideology and clearly gave the management innovation model of the next phase through the meeting. All of us agreed that only adjustment strategy and concerted efforts can let us realize earlier stated goal successfully and determine the leading position in the industry.

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